New Orleans Performing Arts Festival

Hey everyone!

After over 10 years of booking concerts and curating visual art shows in Cleveland and beyond, I finally began to share my own work with the public about two years ago. 

My art is mostly for live performance, including live video, body performance, and sound collage. I have also created works to be recorded and released online and in DVD formats, as well as videos for other sound artists.

This October I was selected to participate in the New Orleans Performing Arts Festival presented by Love School, to take place the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am honored to have the opportunity to present a new work I’ve been making entitled “Survivor Guilt.” If you’d like to know more about the work check it out here. I’m also thrilled to meet similar artists from around the world. 

What I need from my friends is financial help - Travel, housing, materials, as well as the cost of missing work while living in Brooklyn is all adding up. Even a few dollars will help immensely! Thanks for reading friends.

You can donate here.