Midwest Tour 2018

Very belated tour apprection post!!
Y'all! - my mini midwest adventure meant so much to me. 100x thanks to RA Washington at Guide to Kulchur for asking me to play, & for getting this whole thing started. RA you mean so much to me. Ahmadeus Kafari you were amazing! 💜 Everyone who came out in Cleveland blew me away with your support - thank you!! 💜 Playing & traveling with Rob Rosin is a dream & the most fun, one of v few bffs. 💜 Thanks to Counter Culture Saginaw for having us & Kristen (@kristenprossertattoo) for the new tat and hosting us 💜 Much love to Edie Roberts (@squabtastic) for setting us up at Trumbullplex & letting me bask in your love! Happy to see my extended fam 💜 thanks to Laura and Arv for hosting and being wonderful 💜 Everyone who came out, I love you. 💜 I'm so lucky to know you. 
Thanks to @morgan_mzik @halowithag @plaguemother for taking photos and video!

New Orleans Performing Arts Festival

This October I was selected to participate in the New Orleans Performing Arts Festival presented by Love School, to take place the weekend after Thanksgiving.

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Coming soon...

I'll get a blog going over here soon y'all.